What’s up with the glorification of busy, anyway?

I want you to chase your dreams with gusto and gumption. I want you to enjoy your life – EACH AND EVERY WEEK!

Nope, I didn’t say I want you to quit your dang job and find your passion and only work 4 hours each week. That’s not my style.

But, I do want you to commit to doing something each week that you enjoy, that’s meaningful to you, and that will weave together a lifetime of fragrant memories that you’ll still be able to fondly recall well past your ninetieth birthday.

Why do I care?

I lost a son. That’s not supposed to happen. But it taught me a hard lesson that Life’s Too Short! I’m known around these parts for saying that phrase quite a bit. I’m also known for saying Regrets Are For Losers when I’m in a particularly spunky mood.

The fact is that life’s a gift – a present, if you will – so get out there and unwrap it! Now, while time is still on your side!

So, who am I and why should you care? Here’s more on the story:

Speaking of stories, we all have a story to tell.

Have you really ever stopped and thought about what the story of your life says to everyone around you?

Are you happy? Are you excited? Do you love life?

Do you make time to do things you enjoy – with people you care about – every day, or at least every week?

Do your loved ones know how much they mean to you? Do you spend enough TIME with them?

I’m here to lead you down a path of change and growth.

My 21 year-old stepson died in May 2010. He left behind two young boys (they were 1 and 2 years-old, at the time). He was dynamic, vibrant, and tremendously soulful. While we miss him immensely, each day we figure out how to continue on without him. One lesson this tragic loss has taught me, probably more so than any other lesson I’ve learned, is that life is truly not measured by the things you have, the accomplishments you’ve achieved, the money you’ve made, or how grand your life appears to everyone else on the outside looking in.

It’s about making the most of your TIME – now – while you still can.

So I quit my corporate gig of 16+ years so I could spend more time with my youngest son while he still thinks I’m cool. I also want to be in my grandsons’ lives as much as possible. Quitting a high-paying, high-stress, high-profile, ever-changing, and effervescent job was a shock to many people in my world.

I’m okay with that!

A life worth living comes from taking the time each day, each week, each month and each passing year to spend that TIME with those you love. If you find that you are constantly waiting for some big event to come and go (big work project to end, vacation to come, next promotion, etc) before you make the time to spend with your loved ones – I have a newsflash for you – IT WILL BE TOO LATE. You will have missed out on the most important times that you could have possibly shared with those you love.

Each minute, hour, day, week, month, and year that passes is gone forever and cannot be granted back to you.

Take the TIME now, while you still have it!

Someday isn’t on the calendar, but today is. Time is our most precious, and fixed, asset. You can’t make more, you can’t buy more, you can’t steal it. And the most profound and disturbing awareness of all – you can’t save it for later. So please get out of the habit of trying to!

Don’t you want your legacy to be about how you gave the best years you had to offer to those you held dearest? Don’t you want them to know how much you love them?

Let’s change the status quo – write your own story, create your legacy!

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